Have you ever had a tint job were there were lots of little bubbles in the tint? This happens for a few reasons:

1. Poor installation

2. Improper preperation

3. Installation done in an uncontrollable, dust environment (like a shop that works with the bay door open) Dust and dirt are flying in as they are doing your installation and could wind up in between the tint and the glass which causes bubbles.


Our shop is a minimal dust and dirt environment:

1. It’s fully air conditioned and the bay door is closed during the installation.

2. We have two glass work stations right next to the car. When we are peeling the film it is less vulnerable to dirt and dust since it will go onto the glass within seconds.


3. Lighting-In order to pay attention to the important details during your installation, Our shop has all the proper lighting to do so.

4. Computer Cut- our state-of-the art “Computerized Film Cutting System” digitally generates and cuts window tint patterns to your vehicle’s exact specifications. For those of you who want it done the old school way we give you either option hand or computer when you come in the shop.